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We love creating books!

  • Our project manager / writer and editor work directly with you in planning the book, and with our incredibly talented graphic designer, providing complete book production service;
  • Cover design, front and back and dust jacket with flaps if desired;
  • Design of the interior, including front matter (title pages, contents, foreword, prologue, copyright page), the main content (including photos, maps, charts, etc.) and back matter (notes, bibliography, acknowledgments, about the author, index, and more);
  • Printing is supervised and you receive proofs before going to press;
  • Delivery is coordinated with your schedule.

We do not provide book promotion services, and that's a big job; we can refer you to organizations and resources for promotion options.

Producing and self publishing a book is a lot like building a business. First comes the idea, then the start-up, promotion and efforts to attract and retain customers/readers. We share the essential steps for your consideration and planning.

Budget-wise, be prepared for the initial expense of the book production and printing; and perhaps a larger and ongoing expense of promotions and marketing, which may require your full attention and time.

We've produced several fiction books and novels as well as non-fiction books on travel, math, teaching, children's illustrated book, fishing in the Eastern Sierra Mountains, the history of the floral industry in Southern California, and the history of a 100-year-old-plus large school district. We've also researched and written dozens of corporate histories. We learn so much from our customers' books!

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Create the Idea - Author

  • Develop the concept
  • Write the manuscript
  • Get legal and professional opinions
  • Get feedback from colleagues
  • Brainstorm ideas for art/photos

Publish and Produce - Author and Wordpix

  • Sign contract and submit deposit
  • Address questions of size, paper, illustrations, reader market, intended usage, budgets, index, front matter, etc.
  • Submit your manuscript and related materials (charts, photos, etc.)
  • Apply for International Standard Book Number
  • Register domain name for website
  • Sign an artist for interior illustrations
  • Sign an artist for cover design
  • Apply for Library of Congress cataloging info
  • Submit your author bio and photo
  • Submit text for back cover
  • Scan photos/artwork; modify and convert as necessary
  • Review proofs, make necessary revisions
  • Obtain printing estimates; sign with printer
  • Submit progress payments for book production and project management
  • Submit deposit and progress payments for book printing and delivery

Pre-Promotion Activities - Author and Wordpix (before or following printing)

  • Send copies to Library of Congress
  • Develop a website for the book
  • Apply to a book wholesaler, to Amazon, etc.
  • Purchase packaging materials and postage
  • Produce cover letters, flyers, news releases, media kit and collateral promotional pieces
  • Get media coaching

Book Consulting - Author and Wordpix

  • We'll collaborate and work with you to produce a credible, saleable, professional and attractive book, from the conceptual stage to delivery. In our role as art director, editorial department and project manager, we'll deliver a first-class book for you.

Our goal is to produce a visually appealing, professional quality book of which you can be exceptionally pleased.