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Good job!

Bill and I are highly pleased with your makeover of the Lone Wolf page. A definite improvement.

- Les Boston, Studio City, CA, publishers

Wordpix gave us a 'bonus'

We are really satisfied with the web site Wordpix designed for C&P Catalyst. And as a bonus, because of the keyword strategies incorporated by Wordpix, the site has helped us get a lot of international customers.

 - Ted Cowan, Tulsa, OK, C&P Catalyst

The professional touch
cindy chernowYou always add such a professional touch to our documents - the writing, the layout, the style. We are very lucky to have you on our team.

- Cindy Chernow, Woodland Hills, CA, association management

Very happy with writing

We really appreciate your help with our website writing. Everyone here at the company is very happy with your work.

 - Fernando, Los Angeles, CA

Happy with site

I've been very happy with your service - and the web site has served me well for almost nine years with Wordpix.

- Alice Froeschle, Jenks, OK

Lucky to find Wordpix

Neighbors Along the Line (Sand Springs Line) was so lucky to find Wordpix. Peggi and Earl are easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. As a small nonprofit organization, we never had the time, expertise or money to focus on a website. Peggi and Earl made the process easy, affordable and understandable for us. We were able to be as involved or as uninvolved as we wanted. We have gotten many compliments on our website and it has definitely helped us reach more clients.

- Mindy Tiner, Tulsa, OK

A Professional Opinion

Jo KellyOne of the television media speakers at the seminar I attended told the entire room that my website was the best, easiest to navigate and easiest for the visitor to find what they want. Thank you for your excellent work!

- Jo Kelly, author of
"The Truth About Being an Extra"

Upgraded website

Wow! I brought to you a website that had begun to look like kindergarten, and you quantum-leaped it into a professional, effective selling tool for my book and my coaching / speaking services. I love the energy that just jumps off the pages now. You’ve created exactly what I needed. Thanks !

- Lynn Melville, author, "Boomerang Love"

A fun new site for an exciting new business

I am sure you have people from all over the world saying / writing "thank you" for being so on track. So add me to the list! I especially like the bright "welcome" (on my home page), as that is how I feel about the world.

Nita Busby, founder, Here's My Resume

Flash animation and design for entertainer site
donny b lordThank you for a site that surpasses being functional for business. Your creativity and meticulous detail represent the very essence of my artistry. I hope you are as proud as I am.

 - Donny B. Lord,entertainer

Transformed old static site to dynamic site

We have had a great response to the site... beyond anything we hoped. My personal opinion is we have jumped about three or four levels past our competition and that is right where we like to be!

- Denny Frey, Affton Trucking Company

Corporate video project a success

I am very impressed. Your team did an outstanding job - from the planning and interviewing stage through the two days of shooting, the editing and final video. It's very professional. It's awesome!

- Greg Stefflre, Rail Delivery Services

Great ideas!
cindy chernowHiring you was the best thing I have done since getting into my business. You are so responsive, so thorough and so good. Thank you for all the great ideas and for the professional look."

 Cindy Chernow, co-author of

"Real World Communication Strategies That Work,".

Great Service

gerda govineYour staff and the services you've provided to me since 1994 are "top notch" and deserve a well-earned A++. You are very responsive, creative and have offered sage advice which has helped me grow my business. I am so thrilled whenever I enter my name or one of my keywords (such as AB1825, diversity, race, expert witness), and my site pops up in major search engines. My website is my major marketing tool and has helped me reap many benefits.

 - Gerda Govine, Ed.D, Govine Consulting

It's just like you said it would be

bob weitzkeYou said that eventually our new web site would begin to generate inquiries, and you were right. All those search engine registrations are paying off. We are getting inquiries from people who find us on the Web.

- Robert Wietzke, CPA, CVA

Attracting people from around the world

david markovitzI got a call from a woman in Kansas City, whose daughter in Paris, France, found me on the Web and notified her. Wow! She's helping plan a commemorative celebration and I'm now being considered as a speaker! Things are cookin' thanks to my web site.

David Markovitz (aka Teddy Roosevelt)

Working with an existing website

sue mcculloughYou placed the guidebook picture artistically and seem to have thoroughly thought through the process from the website visitor's point of view. Your professional expertise is much appreciated.

- Sue McCullough Montelone, Author/Speaker/Coach

They found me on the Web!

lynda curtinMy website has added enormous credibility to my business. I just received a signed contract for $46,000 with a new client who found me through my Wordpix website. I like how this works. Thank you!

Lynda Curtin, The Opportunity Thinker

Great job!

Again, great job on our website (and marketing). It is really comprehensive and up-to-date. I understand now why out-of-state businesses and organizations are contacting us via phone and email. Thanks!

Frank Reyes, Director, Los Angeles Flower Distric, Membership Program

Looking good!

I love the progress we are making. You are building the site that I envisioned!

- Michael J. Marion

Great follow-through!

One of the hardest things in the business world is getting people to follow through. You guys were really good -- and you did the work so quickly!

 - Donna Raven, Donna Marie's Classic Cream Sherry Cakes

You got the job done

Wordpix staff had to work under pretty tough constraints with regard to our website. Given our goals, they've done an excellent job!

-- Martin Stefflre, Rail Delivery Services

 A "search engine-ready" website

I've had great success in reaching the right customers through my web site because Wordpix took extra care to install appropriate keywords and meta tags (in visible text and HTML).

-- Marianne Matheis, Career Dimensions

 Please check back!

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